Temar S.r.l

Temar S.r.l

The TEMAR S.r.l. is the best of the Edimo Group in the field of industrialized construction, and, with its modern production facility conveniently located in the municipality of Poggio Picenze, in the province of Aquila, just 100 km from Rome, it ranks among the leading companies in the sector, for experience, competitiveness and vanguard systems.

Born from the historic EDIMO PREFABBRICATI S.r.l. – whose entrepreneurial origins date back to 1969 – the TEMAR S.r.l. is operating on the market of normal and pre-compressed reinforced concrete prefabrication for more than ten years, having performed the montages for several prefabricaters for over 30 years.

The company is able to provide prefabricated elements of various types, from traditional truss to other elements called “volatile”, with lights up to 40 meters, with the possibility of making free jerseys without any hindrance up to m 20×40, all with CE marking.

A staff of high-level prefabrication professionals, a know-how rich in more than 30 years of experience, and a modern plant guarantee solutions of excellence in all fields of “building”, from industrial construction to large shopping and logistics centers, from road to rail, offering both mass and custom production.

Among the first in Italy, the TEMAR S.r.l. has obtained the certification of the stewed knots of prefabricated structures, issued by the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II.

The TEMAR S.r.l. has its headquarters in the Edimo Group plant, which is located on an area of about 350,000 sqm, with a covered area of about 60,000 sqm, and is equipped with the most sophisticated machines and equipment constantly updated. The modern beaking plant provides a very high-performance concrete. The 1,200-tonne firing warheads also produce pre-decopressed beams for road and rail scaffolding up to 40 metres of light. The cranes in the plant have a capacity to lift elements up to 800 tons. Everything is computerized, from the distribution of cement on the runways inside the sheds – by air – to the system of storage of the elements, from the unloading to the loading on the vehicles, all on rails.

Among the great works carried out:

  • Part of the South European Interport in Maddaloni (Caserta), with a covered area equal to 350,000sqm in cuts from 20 to 60,000sqm each;
  • Colleferro Logistics Centre – FIGE: 45,000sqm;
  • Thyssen-Krupp plantin Terni (Rieti): large supporting structures with an area of 35,000sqm;
  • Train maintenance depot of Linea C of the Rome Metropolitan, covered area 36,000sqm.;
  • Manoppello Interport (Chieti): covered area 40,000sqm;
  • Aprilia BRICOMAN: 12,000sqm covered area.