Taddei S.p.A.

Taddei S.p.A

TADDEI S.P.A. is the general contractor of the Edimo Group, the group’s leading company in the field of public and private procurement, of large achievements in Italy and abroad, of post-earthquake reconstruction 2009 and 2016 in the city of L’Aquila and in the craters of Central Italy, and of restoration and consolidation.

Founded in 2005 as TADDEI Costruzioni srl, TADDEI S.P.A. quickly became among the top 50 general contractors in Italy, according to Cresme, Costruire, of November 2009.

TADDEI S.P.A.– thanks to the experience gained over the years by the entire group from which it derives, and without forgetting its origins that are those of the great artisan tradition of “know how to do”– concentrates in itself the synergies of the entire Edimo Group and becomes the best for the acquisition and realization of public and private works “key in hand”.

The strengths of TADDEI S.P.A. are economies of scale and control of timing, as well as the quality of both processes and finished products. Peculiarity that is able to guarantee its clients thanks to the double-wire relationship with the “sisters” of the group.

In fact, the company produces everything at home without having to make use of external realities. Starting with the design, to which a specific professional office is reserved. As a general contractor, it works over the years in the prefabrication of reinforced concrete with slow and pre-compressed armor, in the production of heavy and medium light metal carpentry, in the construction of external buffers, consisting of continuous facades, ventilated walls, architectural coatings, industrial doors and joinery. At the same time the company works in the restoration of recent and ancient structures and works, including prestigious constrained buildings and, in recent years, in the reconstruction and seismic adaptation in all regions of Central Italy affected by the tragic seismic events of 2009 and 2016.

TADDEI S.P.A. represents a real resource for the territory, especially for the area of the so-called ‘post-Sisma 2009 crater‘. A reality that produces work, generates economy and therefore development. It contributes to creating jobs and social growth, playing an active role in supporting the recovery of the country and, in particular, the rebirth of L’Aquila (where it takes its roots), and the areas affected by the seismic events of recent years. Aware of the difficulties of the moment, the companies of the Edimo Group, starting from TADDEI S.P.A. strengthen the desire to continue in their mission of “builders” not only of works, but also of value given by that “know how to do” that leads them to excellence.

Over the years, TADDEI S.P.A. has tried and specialized in the construction of airport facilities, such as those of Malpensa and Linate in Milan; in the great civil and industrial realizations, from the “Linea C” of the Rome Underground, to the Progetto C.A.S.E., 400 apartments on earthquake-resistant insulators delivered in record time after the earthquake of L’Aquila on April 6 of 2009; in roadworks, with futuristic bridges such as Novi Sad’s Zezelj Bridge on the Danube, destroyed in 1999 during the war – now the most technological and expensive in Europe. Also the Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome; in special works, from NATO bases that require technology and security, to the Galileo Control Centerof Telespazio in Avezzano; finally in the restorations, from the Colosseum to the Domus Aurea, not forgetting the post-seismic reconstruction in Abruzzo.

International engagement is guaranteed by the settlement in Romania and the growing and ongoing interest in emerging foreign markets. An innovative relocation because it keeps the heart operational and productive in Italy. The maximum flexibility in responding to the demands of an ever-changing market and constant innovation in the fields of construction are the basis of the organization of the company.