The management of the EDIMO Group has always maintained a continuous commitment in order to ensure constant over time the ELEVATE QUALITY STANDARDS of each sector, through the continuous improvement of its skills and technical specializations, and through investment policies aimed at optimizing the production process. This has led to the acquisition and maintenance over time by the individual companies belonging to the Group of numerous CERTIFICATIONS issued by third parties of international importance or by public administrations.

ISO 9001

A company with ISO 9001 certified quality system is a company that offers the GUARANTEE OF A SOLID STRUCTURE, evaluated by an entity above the parties, organized in such a way as to keep in check all aspects of its business to ensure reproducibility of performance and therefore maintenance but also the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF QUALITY STANDARDS PROVIDED.

Based on seven quality management principles, ISO 9001:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decisions
  • Managing Relationships
ISO 14001

ISO Standard 14001 is the regulatory benchmark for companies and organizations with, or intends to provide, an Environmental Management System to manage environmental aspects, meet legislative compliance obligations, and address and assess risks and opportunities.
The Environmental Management System is therefore characterized by the development and implementation of environmental policy and the objectives that commit the organization to full cogent (legislative) and voluntary compliance (compared to additional voluntary or market-dictated requirements)

OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001

The UNI ISO 45001 standard of 2018 “Health and Safety Management Systems at Work – Requirements and Guidance for use” establishes a framework for the IMPROVEMENT OF THE SECURITY, the REDUCTION OF THE RISKS IN THE WORKING AND the improvement of the health and well-being of workers, thus allowing to increase health and safety performance.

The certification of the management system in accordance with the UNI ISO 45001 technical standard, issued by accredited bodies, allows the company to achieve authority and reliability towards all stakeholders – competent institutions, employers’ organizations, workers, customers, suppliers and business partners – as well as the international recognition of the prevention tools adopted.

UNI EN 1090

The UNI EN 1090 certification is a mandatory certification from July 2014 for all manufacturers of STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS IN STEEL AND ALUMINUM, as well as for kit manufacturers placed on the market as a construction product.
This type of certification is internationally recognized. The ability of a company to produce material that meets all the qualitative characteristics required by the UNI EN 1090 part 1, 2 and 3 standards is certified by a third party called the certification entity.

Legality rating

The Legality Rating is an innovative tool developed by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) in accordance with the Ministers of The Interior and Justice, which through a synthetic indicator identifies the companies, who have requested it, that ARE IN THE RESPECT OF HIGH STANDARD OF LEGALITY REWARDING those operating according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility

UNI EN ISO 6946 – Thermal calculation PREFABRICATED PANELS

The standard provides the method for THE THERMAL RESISTANCE CALCULATION AND THE TERMIC TRASMITTANCE OF COMPONENTS AND ELEMENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION, excluding doors, windows and other glazed parts, continuous facades, components that involve a thermal exchange with the soil and the components in which the air is expected to circulate. The method applies to components and elements consisting of thermally homogeneous layers (which can include air gaps).

UNI EN 14351

This certification certifies compliance with UNI EN 14351 in the production of various types of fixtures and ensures that the performance declared in the “Product Declaration” matches the real ones. The company has the compliance certificates of the following products:

Doors and windows

  • US Hydro
  • Schuco ADS
  • WIC-STYLE 75

Smoke evacuators

  • Schüco EFC AWS 70 HI
  • Schüco EFC AWS 57 RO

This inscription enables the company to carry out the remediation of asbestos-containing goods carried out on the following materials: building materials containing asbestos bound in cement or resinoid matrices

REGISTER ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS CAT 2BIS - Hazardous and non-dangerous waste collection and transport

This registration enables the company to carry out the activity of COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT OF THE DANGEROUS and non-dangerous WASTES

  • Registration at Prefecture WHITE LIST
  • Registration List ANTIMAFIA OF SISMA 2009
  • Registration List Performers ANTIMAFIA OF SISMA 2016

Mandatory certification for tender participation, for the execution of public procurement work. A necessary document sufficient to prove, at the tender, the ability of the company to carry out, directly or subcontractedly, public works. The group is specifically enabled to perform the following features:

  • OG01: civil and industrial buildings
  • OG02: restoration and maintenance of real estate
  • OG03: roads, highways, bridges, viaducts
  • OG11: technology plants
  • OS02-A: decorated surfaces of constrained assets
  • OS6: general works finishes in wooden, plastic, metallic and glassy materials
  • OS8: waterproofing works
  • OS13: Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures
  • OS14: Waste disposal plants
  • OS18-A: Steel Structural Components
  • OS18-B: Components for continuous facades
  • OS21: Special Structural Works
  • OS23: Demolition works
  • OS33: Special covers