Edimo group

Traditional artisans, architects of innovation

The Edimo Group, part of the Taddei family, which in September 2019 has turned 50 years of uninterrupted activity, is an industrial group in the field of public and private, civil and industrial construction, and has its production headquarters in the industrial core of Poggio Picenze, in the province of L’Aquila, just 100 km from Rome.

The Edimo Group has a long history, rooted in the solid artisan tradition, and with an ever-looking outlook on the future and the challenges of innovation. The modern establishment in location Varranoni, conveniently located near important national connecting arteries and in an absolutely central location in the Italian territory, is located on an area of 350,000 sqm, with a covered area of about 60,000 sqm.

The site has developed since the end of 2006, and includes factories, production sheds, bilingual storage areas, blankets and discoveries, laboratories, offices, housing, refectory, an air surface where is based the Aeroclub of L’Aquila, and even a bud with attached billiard table, TV room, various entertainment games during the evening hours after the work, for personal who stay overnight in the logistics, and for any personal who want to return from their home.

The vocation of the Edimo Group has been since its inception to offer “key-in-hand” solutions to national and international clients. The founder and patron of the group, Carlo Domenico Taddei, and later his sons, Danilo, Antonello and Valerio, believed in the strength of synergies and teamwork, and thus created an efficient and specialized industrial supply chain, structured in a way that designs and realizes construction and infrastructure works of any type and complexity, from small commissions to large public works.

What do we do

The intuition to converge in a single reality the knowledge and technologies of the main construction methodologies that exist today, has led the Group to confront the largest national competitors, and to realize great works in the field

  • Civil
  • Infrastructure (bridges, roads and primary urbanisation)
  • Renovation and Restoration
  • Construction and Seismic Consolidation
  • Airport
  • Military
  • Hospital
  • Logistic
Industrial plants

In fact, in the modern facilities available, the Edimo Group is able to design and produce: Prefabricated structures in pre-compressed reinforced concrete and vibrato reinforced concrete (CAP and CAV) Strutture in carpenteria metallica Facciate continue in alluminio Aluminium fixtures Anti explosion joinery (Anti-Blast) and Smoke and Heat Evacuators Architectural enclosures and facade coverings Ventilated facades Completing the production process, an experienced quality controlpersonal and in-house labs equipped with high-precision tools constantly verify and test product compliance with what the customer requires.