The Temar srl is able to provide prefabricated elements of various types, from traditional truss to other elements called “volatile”, with lights up to 40 meters, with the possibility of making free meshes without any hindrance up to m. 20×40, all with CE marking.

A staff of hight level prefabrication professionals, a know-how rich in more than 30 years of experience, and a modern plant guarantee solutions of excellence in all fields of “building”, from industrial construction to large shopping and logistics centers, from road to rail, offering both mass and custom productio

The Temar srl it was one of the first companies in Italy to obtain certification of the wet knots of prefabricated structures for the construction of multi-storey prefabricated structures, issued by the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II.


This type of construction ensures:

  • more spaced stack than traditional building methodologies
  • continuous control of quality and compliance with building standards
  • very short implementation times

All of our achievements ensure

  • Seismic safety
    Each element is designed and made with seismic characteristics in full compliance with the current regulations
  • Saving
    The use of different insulation materials and the possibility of varying the thickness of the insulation leaves the client the choice of the degree of thermal insulation
  • Fire resistance
    All of our prefabricated elements are designed and built according to the purpose of use of the building and the fire load

Our solutions
Gabbiano coppella cls
Gabbiano coppella sandwich
Muri recinzione
Pannelli a taglio termico
Piana a V con lastrina cls
Piana a V senza lastrina cls
Struttura pluripiano
Tegolo pigreco
Travi da ponte
Travi per carroponte