Infrastructure and urbanization

Highly qualified engineering, constantly refurbished equipment and operating machines and the possibility of designing and producing their own steel and concrete pre-compressed concrete components of any shape and size guarantee the Edimo Groupthe opportunity to realize in complete autonomy.


even complex road infrastructures such as:

  • supply and laying of structural elements in pre-compressed concrete and metal carpentry for the construction of bridges and viaducts
  • construction of roadside and pavements
  • consolidation and stabilization of the land also through the realization of pilings of any kind


special works for laying urban subservices:

  • supply and laying of concrete elements for the construction of tunnels for the next passage of sub-services, such as the one built in the ancient city of L’Aquila following the 2009 earthquake: 12 km of underground tunnels walk by technicians, within which pass the main services of the city: water and sewerage network, electricity network, telephone network and optical fiber – for the first time in the world all below the historic center of an art city.