Civil construction

Restoration and consolidation

In the aftermath of the tragic earthquake that struck Abruzzo in 2009 and in particular the city of L’Aquila, the immediate commitment of the Edimo Group was to actively participate in the rebirth of the capital of Abruzzo region, a city rich in art and history, and the beautiful villages that surround it, putting in place all its expertise in restoration and consolidation.

As architects and restorers of L’Aquila, with more than fifty years of experience, not only in the territory, but also in Italy and abroad, it was immediately understood the vastness and complexity of the work that had to be done to give a new face to those souls rich in history and works of art with centuries and centuries of life.

Souls made of countless palaces, churches, squares and monuments that until then had told the charm of a unique architecture: from Romanesque-Gothic of Abruzzo region to Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassical, with an urbanism that would place great challenges to designers and builders in the work of Reconstruction.

The arrival of the Edimo Group to post-seismic reconstruction took place with all the specialization and skills in restoration and consolidation accumulated over the years, so much so that it became the flagship sector of the company, expanding to include also the delicate restoration of works of art, frescoes, and wooden materials and tombstones.

Renovation and new building

In the field of renovation and new construction, the goal of the Edimo Group is to make the buildings a real place of protection for those who live there.

The spirit with which we carry out such interventions is in fact that of those who have experienced directly the tragedy of destruction, and therefore can only want a safe city, beautiful in every aspect, innovative and welcom

In the largest construction site in Europe, given by the great works in progress and the planning combined with creativity, the Edimo Group brings first of all the whole matrix of the scrupulous craftsman for which it is the detail that makes the difference.